The TCM Classics Research Institute (Qi Huang Yuan) is an independent research institute that has as its mission:

“To enable TCM students and practitioners throughout the world to learn from TCM classic texts and to apply the knowledge in these texts to modern clinical situations – to treat today’s diseases.”

And Motto:

To Preserve the TCM Classics for Today’s Clinical Application.
You Make the Difference – We Provide the Knowledge.™
and of course, Classical TCM is Real TCM.™

Imperial College (Confucius Temple, Beijing)

We have three goals.
These are:

to perform research on classic TCM texts and to apply their knowledge to modern clinical situations,
to preserve classical TCM,
to share classic TCM knowledge.
We do this by means of:

regular society meetings,
research projects,
organizing academic level study trips to TCM masters in China,
international communication in the field of TCM,
joint venture with Chinese TCM Universities to train TCM Master and Ph.D. students.
We are an independent research institute and our only focus is Chinese classical medical texts.
We use our research to:

develop courses (lesson materials, presentations) for TCM educational institutes throughout the world,
give seminars about classical TCM topics,
give presentations at conferences about classic TCM topics,
write articles,
write books.
All with a common goal: it must be applicable for today’s clinical application.

In order to ensure the quality of our research and products, we maintain intensive communication with the Beijing University of Chinese Medicine (BUCM) and the Shandong University of TCM (SDUTCM) in Jinan (P.R. China).

The less formal part of our institute is Xing Lin Yuan She – the International TCM Scholar Society. For more information see the Society page.

Postal Address
Vondellaan 67
The Netherlands